Sunday, February 27, 2011

Letter to the Cup that Counts

All I wanna watch is a game of cricket
Turns out I couldn't get one ticket
We're told The Cup is all about the masses
But all who can watch Live are the ones with passes
Sponsors, boards make bucks off us 'fans'
But when it comes to treating well, we dont figure in their plans
Ohh wait there are a thousand tix for us you know
On that zoonga boonga site, I don't know

Crash they say they had, it was unforeseen
Ohh is it? I say 'Forget You' à la Cee Lo Green

Had enuf of you ICC and you Pawar clown,
If I could, I'ld boot you and your jokers out of town

But I'm just a faceless powerless fan
Puking stuff on the Net is all I can
I'll get back to the 'coverage' on TV
With fancy voices of Sunny and Raavi
And Russel Aawrnowld or Tony Grieg
Or Rameeez, EM Bang Wa or some other fag

And spare us the torture with that "De Ghuma Ke"
Dude, Shankar, drop those shades you look so gay
This shit's no Waka-Waka no Un Dos Tres
Somebody please tell the editors and the DJ's
The last I checked it's 'World' Cup of cricket
Dont blow this hot air every shot, every wicket
Come on you sponsors, we're all here
Yes, your stuff's great - we can all hear
Please don't smear the ground with all those logos
Common leave us some cricket, you MoFos
You know what I do, I mute you all
And follow cricinfo's Ball-by-Ball

I feel for you, you guys who been insulted, ill-treated lathi-charged at the grounds...
But please know that we have it no better,
And that's why this love letter,
from a faceless Fan to the Cup that Counts...


Anonymous said...

Nice one venkat:
I got solution to your commentary woes.

Anonymous said...

on tms, you can have loads of fun. They dont cover all the matches though. They do cover all good ones.


Venkat said...

Thanks KP. TMS sounds interesting. will hv to catch their coverage over the weekend. till then will follow all ball-by-ball on cricinfo and balls to Ravi and team.