Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Well, as I understand people increasingly expect the next World War to not be fought over Oil or resources, but it would rather be a war of Religions.

What I heck dont understand is this - why are people so hell-bent on spreading their religion? It is not their's to start with.

I am termed a Hindu, for the records. But who decided it? Not me for sure... Hinduism is not my Idea... what is written in the so-called religious scriptures is not my creativity, neither did I witness those incidents nor was told about those by 'The God'.
Similar is the case with Christianity - the Christ is a 1000 year old story and you know how things get distorted over a couple of decades. Why would one have believe what is written in Bible is from 'The God's Son'??
Same is the case with Islam - who knows what the prophet meant to tell the people. Who knows if ever there was a prophet and he was 'in touch' with the God? It is all a collection of books and hear-say.
Other religions too - Budhism, Taoism and all the shit-load of religions all over the world.

WHY? Why would you lose your identity to believe in something that you never thought of on your own- why would you be led into believing some ideas (I am careful not to say stupid or idotic ideas, because I am trying hard to not be judgemental) that were surely 'created' at some point by someone and have since been 'abridged' 'tweaked' 'fiddled' or whatever.

Self-check makes me question myself why I am using English, afterall it is not invented by me. And why follow the english grammar and Syntax. Yes, given - it is not my own invention. Nor do I like having to communicate in this language.
But I can understand why one needs to try to stick to the language - because it is easier for me to communicate to the people around me and have the things I require or get what I wanted done. But again, I dont want to spread English - I dont force people to learn english and I dont think that people who do not learn English are traitors or sinners and I dont preach them the goods and bads of English. Nor do I do that with the other languages that I know, Hindi/Telugu. I am least bothered if someone thinks that English is shit - so be it, how does that matter to me? Its just my means of communication.
If someone thinks that Telugu is loud or Hindi is rude, so be it.
If someone calls me names and writes, say in the comments, that I am an SOB or an MFer, it doesnt matter to me much - afterall, those are just letters to form words. They cant and wont change the truth that I know, truth that is not in English nor in Hindi nor Telugu nor any other language. Language is just a means - and since everyone around me follows the same, it is easier for me to follow the same than to invent my own.

Not the justification you can give for religion. Why do I have to believe in One 'GOD' and deride and despise other 'GOD's. Why do I believe when someone wearing a saffron cloth or green attire and white poros cap or wearing a white robe and white chef-like cap tells me the 'Truth' and wants me to spread it?
Why am I bothered if someone around me believes in a 'GOD' that I donot believe in or vice versa? ya - I am not bothered, I dont hate Hindus, I dont hate Muslims, I dont hate Christians, I dont hate Atheists either. I dont judge anyone on their religion. It doesnt define one.

So this is not a hate speech, but I am just confused why one has to go to the extent of killing others or protesting against someone 'converting' people of 'MY' religion to 'THEIR' religion. Why does one frikking care?

These religions, these scriptures are mostly creations of some dumb idiots compared to the extent of knowledge we possess now - the practices must have been great and requisite to 'bind' the people together for collective survival at the time they were formed, much like the false boundaries of a 'community' or a 'province' or a 'Country' - but now the boundaries are seamless, I am not patriotic - make no mistake I love the Indian culture, tradition, but I dont hate Pakistan or America or any other country for that matter. Because again for me, Country, India, are just words. They carry no meaning. The people make sense to me - and I know there are good people in India, good people in Pakistan, good ones in America, good ones in Antarctica. And again, good is just a word and the definition that I apply to 'Good' may not be applicable to others - and thats understandable. And thats what I dont understand, why one needs to go by the set definition of 'Good'!?
My definition of 'Good' is something that I built over the span of over 25 years and I cant define it because it is a truth within me that cant be put in words - not in English, not in Hindi, not in Telugu. When I look at a person and interact with one or when I read about people I FEEL someone is good and may be someone isnt. So, for me there is no problem with a MUSLIM, or a PAKISTANI, or a BLACK or a WHITE or a CHINESE or an INDIAN or a HINDU as such. I might try to not be around any of these based on what they are personally, but not because of what they believe in. Because, again, it frikking doesnt matter to me.

So, back to my point - why does one have to spread their religion - why does one have to believe in some 'GOD' and the 'GOD' that others have 'told' them? Personally I wont believe in a 'GOD' unless the 'GOD' comes to me and shows up, but then I might write-off that interaction as just a perception and an imagination, because that is what life is anyway - just a speck of imagination. Not much of a meaning. And for such a thing why destroy other's imagination (life) just because he doesnt believe in someone else's imagination(God) the way you do?

Compassion is not told or taught - what I feel for animals was not taught - I used to kick puppies (sick kid) or stomp spiders (Damn it!) when I was kid, and I was never told that I shouldn't. Never told that I need to be compassionate towards the fellow living creatures. I do not eat meat, not because I was told not to - but because I don't want to. I don't want to be called a Vegetarian/Vegan because thats just a word. I know what I feel and what I want to and no one can change that. That is what I understand. And what I don't understand is the incompatibility, forceful spreading of thoughts own or others'; more so of others'.

Stop the killing - stop the preaching - keep believing if you have to - Eat, make merry and sleep - if you like to.
But why did I write this post and share it with you? Am I trying to make you believe in what I do? Up to you to decide, but I dont WANT to, and surely I wont come killig you or banish you for not agreeing with me.