Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Time and Perception of Time

How do you define movement? Moving from one point to the other.
"Point" in space. A 3-dimensional space. The way we feel it is through sense - perception - vision. Light reaches us 'in time' from different 'Points' and we make a mental image of the characteristics of the light we received to construct things and associate that image with the enormous knowledge we have gathered over 'time' . Also note that whatever we might be 'holding' from the point of origin, say A, will probably be with us at the point of end of travel, say B - unless someone snatches it, of course.

Now what's important is not if someone will snatch stuff from us during our travels, we all need to be careful about that though. What's imporant is that for this movement, there needs to be a force. Muscles, Engine, Wind or Gravity (well, surely you wont probably be carrying stuff till the end in the last 2 scenarios). So some force, moves us from A to B - that is, the force makes us take a lot of different positions over space from A to B. 'How many?' depends on the distance from A to B and how small our perception of 'position' or 'point' is. But somehow, magically, we end up at point B. And we all know that process very well. We know the forces very well. We know the dimensions very well.

How about Time? We pass time. We kill time. We spend time. We measure time, well, kinda. We think we 'feel' time. But we don't know how it happens. How we pass through time. In our example, while moving from A to B, we actually have 'spent' time. We moved from time T1 to time T2. How short the difference, t, is - determines how strong the force was that moved us from A to B. But the force that moved from T1 to T2 is, as always, constant. At least that's how we feel it. But if you see through the elaborate and boring prologue, you can understand what I'm getting to. We pass a lot of points of time. We may call them moments,
vaguely. Precisely? We think - Seconds. Hours. Days. We express - Hours that 'feel' like days and days that 'feel' like hours.

But we don't know time.

Does time exist? That is - is this experience of time real? The answer depends directly on how you define the other 3 dimensions. How you define your perception of objects and world around you in those 3 dimensions.

If you feel 'that'world is real, then time is real too. But - time is Past, Present and Future. Past is gone, and doesnt exist anymore. Present, we feel, exists. Future has yet to be created, so never exists. But Present is what once was Future and would in a 'space' of time become Past. So, if Past and Future do not exist, then Present cannot exist. Or it must be created out of nowhere and disappear to nowhere. Or probably Past, Present and Future all exist. We just move from one time to the other, through different points of time. What we call moments. May be smaller points. Planck Time? Maybe, maybe smaller.

More like frames in a video. We just see all the frames. There is some force that pushes us through the frames in a specific direction so that we see frames in some order. How is it any different from the points we observe when traveling from A to B? Time can be the 4th of the many dimensions that can exist. We feel or can perceive the 4. We can act upon the 'matter' or properties of 'space' in the 3 dimensions. Not so much about the 'space' in the 4th dimension. We are constantly moving along this dimension. Time. Goes on.

Could there be beings who live where time is a dimension they can control the space in? Could they be able to control more than 1 (time) dimension? And if so could they share one or more dimensions as we do? Those are natural questions that we may not be able to answer till we find another being that can perceive properties of objects that we can affect and be able to affect those properties of objects that we can perceive. That's the only way one 'being', however observant it may be, can perceive another.

This brings 2 very odd possibilities.

1. There can be more beings sharing the same space. So, we may notice them as points if we share 1 dimension. But as long as we can not impact any property of space in those other dimensions, we may not be able interact with or perceive those beings. And we may not know if such beings exist unless such beings have the capability of affecting properties that we can perceive. Imagine a One-Dimensional monster creature that can change or alter time dimension. God?

2. Free-Will is only an illusion. Brain/Mind is probably a being extended in time long enough to understand connection between each frames. Understand Why. That's probably what we call consciousness. The explanation, to some extent, of why. To find reason. Not to take decisions.

More musings in a later post, if Time permits!