Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Its getting more and more critical everyday that we check out acts and start doing what would save our future!!!
For, you might not have realized, but it's no longer an option! Its the emergent need of the day, of the hour, of the moment - to encourage and be eco-friendly.

Here is something I found really good:
The Internet Consumer Recycling Guide

Guys in the US, check this out:

Junk mail on the email Inbox is a menace, but junk mail in the postboxes is an even bigger menace and is a major waste of paper/plastics. STOP IT!

This website details Recycling ways to stay Earth-easy:

Its easy and less expensive to go green and stay green.
You don't need to be obsessed with being eco-friendly - just need to be AWARE of your options!

Rock on!