Thursday, November 04, 2010


In the bus this morning, saw this store named 'Stop & Shop'. Just yesterday had see one of those 'Save A Lots's. This got my brains working on my brains' favorite pastime – wordplay. When I'm not busy, I'm usually busy working word combinations and finding patterns and stuff. 'The voices'. They don’t speak to me, they're just me, just about a more confused me.
Well, so there's this famous chain in India – Shoppers' Stop.
And then there is Stop & Shop.
St Louis had a lot of Shop & Save stores.
And of course, Save-A-lot.

Combining em all – Shoppers Stop & Shop & Save-A-Lot. Not bad at all…

Wanted to add Lotto too, but thought it'ld be stretching it too much...
Shoppers Stop & Shop & Save-A-Lotto - Probably a 'thrift' store where you waste your savings playin Lottery... :D

Talking of wordplay, unscrambling is another fun thing to do. The best-known one:
Impossible says I'm Possible

Trying to find a few other, similar cases of funscrambling:
Woman is incomplete without a MAN!
During these days of hi-tech, everybody wants to be mobile. Even Immobile says I'm Mobile!
Can a LADY be IntelliGENT?
Do you still COMPUTE with a COMPUTEr?
Can't think of any more at this moment… later gators!