Wednesday, January 16, 2008

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Harmeet said...

I am replying to your scrap in orkut over here:

I agree every team has the right to play cricket with fighting spirit but the way australia played was not fighting spirit but it was poor display of sportsmanship. I agree the players who walk off on a nick are the best human beings or whatever u call them... I dont say that one should walk off if there has been a nick... but you should not stay on the ground when u have nicked big time (e.g Michale Clark) and stay there waiting for the umpire to take a call. This inturn is like disrespecting the umpires.
Moreover if u have decided (Pontings n Clarks case) to play unfairly (appealing for a grounded catch) then you should not sign a pact with the opponent team, esp when the opponents have such a hugely talented and respected gentleman like Kumble, saying that the fielders will tell the truth whether catches have been grounded or not.
Moreover when you have signed the pact what was the reason behind going to the match referee regarding that Harbhajan- Symonds-Maa ki- Monkey case????
So its not only the umpires and refree ( Proctor) who were biased but the australian team also played unfairly. If i have to mention somebody's name who plays with full sporting spirit in Australian tem, with an exception of Lee and to some degree Gilly, I cant think of a name.
Proctot who gave 5 matches ban to Rashid Latif in 2005 for appealing for a grounded catch being the captain of Pak team, showed clemency towards Ponting. Why????

Its very clear who is a racist and who plays unfairly. Harbhajan is from a poor family and people who are having such a background know how much it hurts when somebody biases against you and therefore they are rarely biased against any race n culture.

India is the only team in recent years which has given Australia a threat of taking there numero uno spot of test team and this is again proved from the first 2 days in Perth. WACA where australia has not lost a single match in last 10 yrs is proving to be their nemesis.
Australia showed in Sydney how badly behaved team they are when they are on the verge of losing. You can expect any such thing again tomorrow...

and by the way you should thank me for writing something in ur blog...:) tc..

Harmeet said...

My corrections:

I dontagree the players who walk off on a nick are the best human beings or whatever u call them...