Sunday, April 22, 2007

Earth Day! Please read... and spread....

Hello All,
This is something I keep thinking of and keep observing every single day. It is we, the Humans (Highly Unreliable Malignant And Nasty Species), who have changed the complexion of the planet and we are constantly degrading the nature/climate at the same time being dependent on and being a part of the nature!
We are so busy with work and in trying to achieve, earn, or succeed that we forget the little joys of sitting by the side of a pond and seeing the ripples from beneath the surface; walking by the side of a stream to listen the calming sound of running water; playing with your pals and pets in cool rain on a hot summer day; cycling on a warm spring morning and taking a break in the cool shade of a beautiful green tree (forget A/Cs... I hate them especially it reminds me of the prison called the workplace); waking up to the sweet chirping of birds or the blunt (yet sweet) sounds of the not-so-melodious crows;
Suddenly, we face a fate of over-heated earth - we hear the word 'Global Warming' at a more frequent rate than ever, and that is not a good news! And there seems to be no solution to it... we are all neck deep into things that aid to this degradation of our own planet... but we can at least try...
And that is the essence of April 22 (or of March 20 or any other day you would like to celebrate as) the Earth Day... honor our planet, praise the nature, value our lives and the wonderful system of interdependencies and sigh at the helplessness induced by this same sweet-but-sadistic nature!
And yes, there is something more worthwhile than Celebrating that you can do on this day or on any day (preferably everyday!)...
try on your part not to contribute to the degradation, try to help sustain the balance and retain the vigor of our Nature...
it can be simple things like keeping a check on the health of your vehicle to limit the emissions, trying more energy-efficient (most of the times economical) ways of using fuel, sharing a vehicle, walking instead of using a bike/car when feasible (remember it is healthy to walk, too), not switching the A/C in the night when you get better and healthier air if you can keep the windows open, turn-off the monitors and shutdown the PC when not required otherwise, refuse to accept redundant poly-ethylene carry bags (when not hazardous try to reuse them), try avoiding plastic plates in the name of hygiene when treating guests @ home, minimize the usage of sprays as much as possible, the list is endless and all know of the items on the list.
It has to start from us, from every individual... no amount of 'policies' can save... no 'law' can stem the rot, there is always a legal/corrupt way of evading the law... it is every individual like us, like You, who can make a difference.
This is my humble attempt at venting the frustration I share when I see the dark clouds of smoke from the 'Taxi's and 'Maruti's alike, the heaps of plastic lying by the roadside, when I see the A/Cs working like tanks on the war-front. This my humble request to you all to think and try to do what best can be done to save this beautiful planet, coz there is no other option that I can see to remedy... I am helpless, as everybody else is, when alone!
I dont like the vision of our next generation playing in an indoor-pond inhabited by test-tube-grown-declared-safe-animals; playing with a SONY Aibo, programmed to never bite or bark; trekking an artificial peak in a man-made-and-enclosed-landscape; living a life of a machine indoors with the fear of being burnt or of cancer!
With a vision of a clearer, healthier and a 'Natural' Nature... I give you this message of Earth Day, from the official EarthDay site...


By John McConnell

Four billion years ago
Our lonely Earth
Set sail on cosmic seas
Guided by an unseen hand
Of nature, God or chance.

As life evolved
Through endles eco-cycles
Man was born, destined
To destroy or enrich
the Precious Ship.

And now his hand
Has seized the tiller
But his ear has not
Yet caught the Captain's
Quiet command.

The sails are down, the ship becalmed,
Its fragil life at stake.
No longer do we ride the gentle swells of
Silent seas and breathe
The fragrant air.

Broken are the rhythms
Of our cyclic plants
And other living things.

But now the Captain speaks again
Our quiet thoughts at last reveal his voice.

"Hoist the sails, Earth Man.
Set them for celestial winds.
Hold the tiler firm,
The course ahead is clear."

Be He nature, God or chance
His voice is heard
And we shall heed
The Captain's quiet command.

Thanks for reading till here...
Thanks for sparing a thought...
More thanks if you think my effort was worthwhile!


And do share this message if you feel this would inspire any of your pals... your wish may not come true if you do so, but my wish of spreading this message of Nature-compliance will be fulfilled a step further!!

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