Saturday, October 15, 2005

In Toronto :)

Went to Centre Island.... Had nice Fun...
Amazing Place...

Beautiful Nature and the City of Toronto.... its skyline... gives a lot of Scenic pleasure Posted by Picasa

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Satty said...

U stupid-long-hairy-less-seeing d*** ! (well that's my style of showing love for a friend .)
What's is that long erected thing in tha background of ur snap ;-) i will i could use it on u venky...
well i am fine and , just happened to saw your blog... u know i don't know much what to post in comment and what to right when whole world can see what i wrote , but even my fingers are keep on tapping the keys and words are being printed on a white kind of virtual paper and a lot of space is now darkened by hundreds of letters.
i think that's enough... :-)
take care... and tell me who is ur gf yaar...?
ur friend